LED light string systems

Our high-quality LED light strings of Essert-Illuminationen in warm white LED (2300 K or 2900 K) and white have diodes with a radiation angle of 360 degrees, this avoids laser effects. We use shock-resistant polycarbonate LEDs with low heat generation as well as robust rubber cables, double insulated. Protection class II, ingress protection IP-67.
The easiest and safest way to connect LED light strings and led rope light motifs fast, is our universal EasyPlug connection system.

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Our Easy Plug Connection System enables the simple connection of several elements to reduce the number of access points to the main connection.

Easy Plug is the quick connection system that allows you to optimize assembly time.

Our aim is to deliver the best practical and professional solutions for light decorations. From standard products to customized illuminations , all parts can be connected to provide maximum operational flexibility during installation. A plug-socket connection system to be combined with screw couplings and a choice of extension cables allows you safe and fast installations.

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Outdoor light strings with LED

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